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Major Interstate Ramp Closure at 17th Street Exit

Posted on: May 16, 2017 at 1:58 pm

The 17th Street exit off I-59/20 NB. Exit 125A will close on Wednesday, May 31st, until approximately the summer of 2018. The 17th St. exit will be closed while a new ramp is constructed and completed. The detour for traffic to exit the interstate is to take exit 125B, which is 22nd St. ALDOT recognizes the heavy traffic flow from this exit/on ramp already and has changes that will be made to 22nd St. set for May 31st as well. Those changes are the following: Traffic lights at both ramps (from I-59/20 NB/SB) will be turned off on 22nd St. to create a free flow for traffic to get off the interstate and to downtown. Two lanes of free flowing traffic will be available right off the exit from the southbound direction.

17th-St-Exit-Detour-to-17th-St (1) 17th-St-Exit-Detour-to-BJCC-PDF-R1

17th St Exit Detour to 17th St. PDF R1

17th St Exit Detour to BJCC PDF R1

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