Traffic Alerts

New Ramps

Soon, two key ramps will open to make your entry and departure from downtown Birmingham much faster.  However, to effectively navigate these ramps you’ll need some tips. They include:

11TH Avenue Ramp. Once You Enter:

  • Go right for I-65 North to Huntsville.
  • Stay in the center lane for I-65 to Montgomery.
  • Go left for I-59/20 to Tuscaloosa.

View video of the 11th Avenue ramp.


17th Street Ramp. Once You Enter:

  • Ramps to 17th Street will come from the north, south and west.
  • From I-65, the left lane will depart and fly over I-59 to meet the bridge from I-59 north and the bridge from I-65 north.
  • All three meet near the south east of the route interchange and drop onto 17th Street.
  • The ramp will have four lanes at the intersection of Reverend Abraham Woods Blvd.

View video of the 17th Avenue ramp.

If you need additional information or have questions please call our HOTLINE: 205-208-9266.
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