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59/20 Central Business District Updates

September, 2018 Photos

Governor Kay Ivey visits the 59/20 Project site

I-59/20 Existing and Proposed Renderings


April 30, 2018 Photos

April 2018 Photos



February Photos


ALDOT Meeting With  East Thomas Neighborhood

ALDOT Meeting With Schools and Community Groups

Since last summer, ALDOT has been meeting various groups regarding work on I 59/20.

Check back for updates, and to follow the progress of our work through a pictorial timeline. Most recent images appear first.

Enon Ridge Neighborhood Association Meetings

On April 27th, ALDOT met with the Enon Ridge Neighborhood Association to discuss progress and future plans of the 59/20 Bridges Project.

Quiet Zone! Tuggle Elementary

ALDOT placed signs at Tuggle Elementary School to inform motorists of school testing.

59/20 Aerial Photos

59/20 Central Business District Updates